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5413768 origGeneral Liability Insurance

     We carry a one million dollar general liability insurance policy for your protection. As a safeguard, you should always ask for a copy of the contractors or service providers general liability policy prior to the start of any project on your home on business.


  We feel that by having our employees bonded, it sends a message to our clients that we have taken all the appropriate steps and measures available to us, to ensure that we have hired an honest, respectable staff, that is trustworthy to have in and around your home or business property.

Workers Compensation Insurance

  Hiring any contractor without workers compensation could spell disaster if the worker becomes injured on your property. Most clients aren't even aware that your homeowners insurance policy doesn't protect them from damages awarded from workplace injuries. In our everyday operations, All-Brite believes that it is unethical to subject our clients to the risk of a lawsuit and bankruptcy as a consequence of trusting us with their business. Before hiring any service contractor to perform services on your home or business, always ask for a copy of their company's worker compensation certification prior to the start of any project.

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